About Q-Sorts India, Center of Excellence in South Kolkata

About Q-Sorts India, Center of Excellence in South Kolkata

A mission to provide Book Writing Training, Life and Transformation Coaching, Marketing Strategies, Digital Marketing Services, SEO services, WordPress Website Designing, with which everyone can empower their future growth paths and plans.

Q-Sorts India was established by Neeraj Singhvi, an author, life transformation coach, marketing professional with over 25 years of experience in different dynamic industries. He is Author of the book – “Temple of Destiny” and co-author – “Adventures into the Unknown” and “Transformusings” this venture is aimed at giving each and every business a great boost in their online and offline promotional plans.

Why Q-Sorts India?

  • Established in 2018.
  • Book Writing Training
  • Life Coaching and Transformation Coaching
  • Exemplary Web Consulting Services.
  • Well-equipped R & D and Training.
  • Conveniently located in heart of the city.
  • Effective management information system.
  • First choice of not just individuals but also schools, colleges & corporate houses.

Q-Sorts India
3E Upasana
48 Kali Temple Road,
Kolkata 700026

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