Why are 12 Laws of Karma so Famous?

Why are 12 Laws of Karma so Famous?
January 23, 2021 No Comments Blog, Podcast by Living a Better Life, Transformation Coaching Neeraj Singhvi

Have you heard about the concept of Karma or the 12 laws of Karma?

Understand the true meaning of karma and how it affects your life, business and everything else. Listen to this podcast to know what it’s like to have a positive karma in your life. Understand how you can change your present and your future with Karma. “Living a Better Life” helps you address this important life lesson of how to lead a better life by understanding the concept of karma in our modern lives. You need to know about these 12 laws of karma, as the next time you think about doing something, you will know what to do to create a happier situation for yourself. If you can do this, the world will become a happier place for you and you will be happy that you contributed towards others. It could help you and others resolve their problems. Let positive Karma come into your life to teach you the ins and outs of making your day. When you start employing the principles of karma you will understand how it can benefit you. Make yourself contribute towards a greater cause and make this world a better place to live in by just making the effort of defining your moment.

This is an episode for all those who wish to keep their lives happy and cheerful and use this episode as a tool to make their lives a better one. Let us learn about helping other people who may or may not matter to us and learn how to benefit in life by looking at it from a different angle. As Wayne Dyer puts it, “How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” So, understand the reasons of having a good karma and live a better life.

Transcript of the podcast:

Do you know what is Karma? Do you believe in Karma?

Hello, everyone! This is once again your life transformation coach, Neeraj Singhvi, all set to make you live a better life, a life of positive Karma.

Karma literally means action. Karma as per the Hindu scripts happens to a person because they caused it with their own actions. It shows you how your thoughts and actions can affect you and the world around you and one of the primary laws is the law of cause and effect. So, in effect, Karma tells us to continuously improve ourselves so that we don’t fall to bad times later on.

So how does Karma affect us? Our thoughts and actions are forms of energy and when we express them, energy flows out, but this energy returns in some form or the other. If the energy emanated is positive, it comes back positively, and if it is negative; it comes back negative.

But how does Karma actually work? Karma is the culmination of 12 laws. These laws show the path that one is supposed to take in this life. You might think we are getting a bit spiritual here, but wait till I help you move through them and help you realize their importance.

Let us understand the 12 laws of karma. You will find this amazing information quite interesting.

  1. The law of cause and effect – Most people only know about karma as the law of cause and effect. It is the concept of what you sow, so shall you reap.

Here’s a small story which I would like to share with you and which will help you understand how it works.

Once upon a time there was a small-time businessman from a small village who used to sell butter in the nearby town.

A big shop owner in the town was his regular customer.

The villager used to deliver every month the shop owner the required butter in 1 kg blocks and in turn he used to get grocery items like sugar, pulses etc from the big shop owner.

Once the shop owner decided to weigh the butter and to his surprise, every block of butter weighed 900 gms instead of 1kg.

Next month when the villager came to deliver butter, the angry shop owner told him how he was cheated and told to leave the shop.

To this the villager replied to him courteously, Sir, I am a very poor villager. I don’t have enough money to even buy the required weights for weighing the butter.

I usually put the 1kg sugar you give me on one side of weighing scale and weigh butter on another side.

This simple story very beautifully illustrates that what we give to others comes back to us in similar proportions.

That is karma!

Did you notice how, unknowingly, the 900gms of the grocery that the shopkeeper was giving to the villager was coming back to him in the form of butter. The shopkeeper thought that he could fool the villager by giving him 900 gms and get 1 kg in return. But he did not guess that the villager was poor and he would weigh the butter with the same weights that he received from him.

No one really tells you how karma works, but it works in some beautiful form, unknowingly though.

How to live a successful life?

  1. The next law is the law of creation which states that you must take action to create something. Things don’t happen on its own.
  2. The law of humility: This law states that you should be humble enough to accept that your present condition is because of your past actions.
  3. The law of growth: This law states that growth starts by recognizing yourself and understanding that growth happens by controlling yourself and not others.
  4. The law of responsibility: This law states that you should take responsibility for your actions and not put the blame on others.
  5. The law of connection helps one understand that your past, present and future are connected and you are responsible for it.
  6. The law of focus: This law states that you should focus on one thing at a time. When you focus on a lot of things together, it slows you down and leads to frustration and negativity.
  7. The law of giving and hospitality: This law tells one to give what you believe in. If it is peace you want, then you should cultivate peace for others as well.
  8. The law of here and now: The present is the most important part of your life. You can embrace the present when you let go the negative or behaviours from your past.
  9. The law of change principle states that change should not be avoided if you have to move to a better future, otherwise history will repeat itself.
  10. The law of patience and reward: This principle states, to achieve your goal or reward, you must be consistent and work with patience.
  11. The law of significance and inspiration: Every contribution you make will have an effect in this world. Therefore, one must share the skills and gifts gained so that others can inspired by them.

These 12 laws show you the path that you need to lead during this life, so that not just you, but others around you too benefit from it. They show that your thoughts and actions are responsible for your past, present and future.

Have you thought about any of the laws which have affected any area of your life? Is your past or present due to any of your actions? We would love to know.

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