About Neeraj Singhvi

About Neeraj Singhvi

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Hello Everyone!

This is Neeraj Singhvi. Thank you for checking out this page and getting to know more about me and my books.

My name is Neeraj Singhvi

I am a life coach and transformation coach and I enjoy writing on blogs and books and have so far authored 2 books and coauthored another 2, focusing on providing effective ways for improving productivity, transforming negative mindset into thriving one and practical strategies to think smarter and take massive action towards success in all areas of life. As a life coach and transformation coach, the journey has been phenomenal. I have been active in providing guidance to a lot of people in changing their lives, towards happiness and success.

You may also check out all my books on my AUTHOR PAGE . I have good plans to create more action guides to help readers to lead a resourceful life.

Besides this website, I also write on a blogger’s platform called Medium.com, qsortsindia, funjokesjoy and you can read my articles for free. I am also an active podcaster and run the series “Living a Better Life“. My podcasts are available on all major world podcast platforms.

How This All Started…

I have been an avid reader for over three decades and used to write poetry. But the idea of writing a book just happened to me in year 2008 and I took up the opportunity as soon as it hit me.

I took the first baby steps and very soon all the wisdom which I had gathered from the greatest minds on this planet coupled with my personal life experiences started taking shape of a book manuscript.  During this period, every moment that I was awake or sleep sub-consciously pulled me towards writing. Within 3 months I was able to script my first book.

My first book  was published in 2009 by Cedar Books (Pustak Mahal) and way beyond my expectation, the book took off very well.

After the first book, family life, job and other priorities took away the time and for a few years I did not write. But, whenever I found the time, I kept writing on blogs and did not leave the habit of reading.

Once again, the opportunity of writing came up in 2017 and I co-authored a thriller with 5 international authors from different countries. It took us around 25 days to write the book and publish it.

I got another opportunity to co-author a book, this time with 32 budding authors and within 10 days, we wrote, edited and published the book.  The journey has been quite an exciting one so far, with 3 life-changing books under my belt, as you can CHECK OUT HERE and the fourth one revving to move the world of budding authors very soon.

This year, I found the opportunity to host my own podcast and since I am a life transformation coach, I thought about spreading my knowledge so that the world could benefit from it. In 2 months, I have 17 podcasts hosted on around 12 podcast platforms including anchor.fm, spotify, apple, google, amazon and many more.

What’s Next?

Since you are here and I would like to tell you that I am currently penning my next book which will benefit all the budding authors out there.  While I am writing my fourth book, I have also planned upon the next 2 books which will be available to the world during this year. My mission is to empower 10,000 people with not just writing books, but to also convert them into success mantras.

While on this journey, if you wish to stay with me, do sign up my newsletter, so that you can get regular updates on not just my activities, but to get a lot of useful resources which can shape your life as well.

In case, you want to reach out to me directly, please don’t hesitate to write to me here .

I read all my emails personally and respond as soon as I can.


Neeraj Singhvi

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