Top 10 Preventive Measures for Corona Virus

Top 10 Preventive Measures for Corona Virus
March 22, 2020 No Comments Blog, Transformation Coaching Neeraj Singhvi

Now that we know about the history of large plagues , viruses and diseases spread over our world from time to time, it is time to know what preventive measures we must take to counter this.

Lets’s know about the top 10 Preventive Measures for Corona Virus

1. The first and major preventive measures for Corona Virus or Covid-19 is self-isolation. This will help you stay away from infected people or from infecting others or transferring of the virus to another person.

2. Since touch is the way to get COVID-19, wash your hand with soap whenever possible. Whether you come from outside or take any goods from anyone, wash the packet and wash you hands.

3. Sneeze or cough on your shoulder sleeves and not on your palm or into the open. This will help reduce transfer of the virus.

4. Use of santizers is important while travelling or while visiting any place.

5. Use  N-95 masks wherever and whenever possible. It will prevent the virus from entering your respiratory system.

6. Drink a lot of Vitamin C and Vitamin D. It will help boost your immune system.

7. Practice Pranayam or vedic yoga which includes anulom-vilom or the breathing exercises to strengthen your immunity and your lung power.

8. Avoid crowds whether on the streets, gatherings or parties. It will help avoid spread of the virus.

9. Avoid smoking cigarettes, as it affects your lungs directly and the Covid-19 virus is known to attack the lungs first.

10. Get yourself checked and diagnosed at the designated checking points, if you have fever, sore throat and pain in your neck and body.

Go for a complete state lock down, if nothing else works. If Governments fail to do so, do it yourself and ask others to do so. It is in your interest. Removal of the fear of suffering or death from our minds and working towards betterment of our systems should be the foremost priority.

These measures will definitely help you in countering the Corona Virus attack. Be disciplined and you will be able to fight it.

We all know it is easy to provide advice on anything, but very difficult to follow them. We have provided some very simple and doable measures, but to follow them requires moving away from habitual ways. It requires inner transformation to adhere to a disciplinary system.

In the grim outlook of the Corona Virus attack, we feel there is always a silver lining to any adversity. So let’s look at the 10 bright sides of the Corona virus attack.

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