This is the Missing Link Between Time and Happiness!

This is the Missing Link Between Time and Happiness!
September 4, 2020 No Comments Blog, Podcast by Living a Better Life, Transformation Coaching Neeraj Singhvi

Are you dissatisfied with your relationship, job, finance, achievements? Are you having a lack of fulfillment? Listen to this podcast to know how to get out of this situation and establish the missing link between time and happiness. “Living a Better Life” helps you address this important life lesson of how to stop feeling disillusioned and still lead a better life. You need to know about it as this would help you understand the value to time and establish happiness in your life. If that happens, probably you will never become disillusioned and while it creates wonders for you, it could help others resolve their problems. Let this goat be a guide in your life to teach you it’s in’s and out’s.  Make yourself contribute towards a greater cause and make this world a better place to live in by just understanding the mindset of this goat.

This is an episode for all those who wish to save time and lead a life without worries, happy and cheerful life and use this episode as a tool to make their lives a better one.  Let goat number three bridge the gap on how to benefit in life by saving time and let us know the need for happiness when it is most required. As Dr. Steve Maraboli states, “Stop wasting your time looking for the key to happiness… the door is open and unlocked… just walk through it”. So understand about the missing link between time and happiness and live a better life.

Transcript of the audio:

Have you found time and happiness for yourself? Are you dissatisfied with your relationship, job, finance, achievements? Are you having a lack of fulfilment?

We keep wandering about in search of happiness and satisfaction with relationships, job, finance and achievements, all our lives. At every turn when we feel that the solution has arrived, we are faced with yet another issue or we create one ourselves and we keep chasing it to reach the destination we craved for. At the end, we get tired and fizzled out. Time is of essence and we find out that everything we wanted to correct and make perfect for ourselves, hasn’t worked out. We find out that all that running could not get us any results. Yet we keep running without realizing that the solution is with us in hand.

I was sitting with one of my friends when I chanced upon a lovely story about the missing goat, which explains this phenomenon.

It all started one lazy Sunday afternoon in a small town near Toronto in Canada.

Two school-going friends had a crazy idea.

They rounded up three goats from the neighbourhood and painted the numbers 1, 2 and 4 on their sides.

That night they let the goats loose inside their school building.

The next morning, when the authorities entered the school, they could smell something was wrong.

They soon saw goat droppings on the stairs near the entrance and realized that some goats had entered the building.

A search was immediately launched, and soon, the three goats were found.

But the authorities were worried, where was goat No. 3?

They spent the rest of the day looking for goat No.3.

The school declared classes off for the students for the rest of the day.

The teachers, helpers, guards, canteen staffs, boys were all busy looking for the goat No. 3, which, of course, was never found.

Simply because it did not exist.

Those among us, who despite having a good life are always feeling a “lack of fulfilment” are actually looking for the elusive, missing, non-existent Goat No.3. Whatever the area of complaint or dissatisfaction, relationship, job-satisfaction, finance, achievements, …… is the Goat No. 3. An absence of something is always larger than the presence of many other things.

Let’s stop worrying about goat No.3 and enjoy the life… Life would be so much happier without the worries… And don’t let the non-existent imaginary goat number 3 waste your time and happiness. Enjoy life with what you have.

If we analyse the story, there are few situations which could have avoided the unnecessary step that the school took. 1. The school could have just isolated the 3 goats, cleaned the mess, and not looked around for the 4th goat. 2. The school could have just believed what was in front of them and carried on as usual? It was just a matter of some droppings. In the pursuit of completely eliminating a problem, they actually went in the wrong direction and wasted time and resources to eliminate the root problem. Sometimes you must pay a price for perfection. 😊

When we can avoid running and get time and happiness from the position that we are in, why keep running at all? It is just a matter of looking at everything differently. Let us analyse situations before we start working on them. Let us understand the meaning of unnecessary work which is not useful for any of us and avoid them. Let us become more pragmatic in our approach towards life. The simpler our lives get, the happier we will be, the more time we get, we will be able to accomplish a lot more. Make your relationships simpler. Let us not look at jobs as means of living but as a means to live only, let us not look at finance as everything that this life could give you as there are many more wonderful things to get from this world and our lives, let us not look at achievements materialistically as every achievement in life should only help you move towards becoming a more humane person. Identify and understand your priorities in life and you will be much better off.

When we are looking at a solution, we should look at the problem at hand and not create an additional problem from within it. Let us not go looking out for the goat that never existed. Let us look for the missing link.

Tell us if you have faced such a situation in life where you have been running around behind these very aspects and got a realization of how useless your errands have been? We would love to hear it from you.

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