The Power of Hugs Could Change Someone’s Life

The Power of Hugs Could Change Someone’s Life
July 9, 2020 No Comments Blog, Podcast by Living a Better Life, Transformation Coaching Neeraj Singhvi

Listen to this podcast to know the Power of Hugs.

Living a Better Life presents one of the rare things in your life which is free, yet so effective that it feels as though a super power has just been given to you which can help just about anyone’s life.  Listen and inherit this simple tool so that you can become a positive change in someone’s life. This is an episode for all those who are constantly wanting to make a positive impact on someone’s life. Just Imagine the Power of Hugs in your hands to do just that.

What is the power of hugs?

How to Change Someone's Life with the Power of Hugs!

The power of hugs is a simple tool which everyone has and with which you can make a positive change in someone else’s life.

Have you ever hugged anybody? Are you aware of the power of a hug in your life or someone else’s life?

So, what can a hug do to your life?

Look at this world today. There is anger, jealousy, hatred which have crossed all limits between people, nations and borders. Man, in the name of caste, creed, religion, racism, competition and many other reasons have just about forgotten that there is another person who needs as much compassion as himself. There is only one thing which can counter all these negative and fight inducing tendencies. That is a HUG. A hug is a three letter paltry word, but it creates a real time connection between two individuals and also within animals and humans. It communicates to the other person that he is liked and there is someone who wants him in his life.

Look at yourself, do you hug everybody as a practice and if you do, then what do you experience? Do you know there is a National Hug day to commemorate this too? I came across two Bollywood movies which have brought this to light discreetly.

If you have seen the movie “Dil Chahata Hai”, there is a scene where a girl is sitting on a bench in a subway all alone. A drunk and lone man in tattered clothes is walking down towards her. The girl is sitting still, afraid to move. Just then she sees her boyfriend come inside the subway and heaves a sigh of relief. Her boyfriend understands the problem and faces the poor man who is as zapped as him. Instead of hitting the poor man, her boyfriend hugs him. Suddenly all the fear in the air vanishes. The action amazes the girl, and so does it to the poor man.

In a similar movie named “Munna Bhai”, there is a scene where a sweeper who has just been reprimanded, is sweeping the floor, angry at the incident. At this point a man goes to him and in the anger the sweeper talks brashly with him too. At this point the man just hugs the sweeper and thanks him for doing everything day in and day out. It’s an emotional moment for the sweeper and this removes all the anger from his head.

These and many other incidents like these which can bring out the benefits of hugging like that of a mother or father hugging their child, a lover hugging his girlfriend, brother hugging his sister, a man hugging his dog, just tells us that a hug can change someone’s life. In all these, there is, however, one common factor which emanates from hugging and that is love.

If you are going through stressful times because of a certain person, unable to understand what to do, then just go to the person and hug him. Tell him there is nothing better in your life than knowing him. He will get amazed by your action. But you will notice the change that comes over him and you instantly. He will forgive you for everything and a new connection will get formed between you both, for life.

If you liked what I stated, then just hug every person next to you today. You never know when that moment will come back and the feeling will leave you besotted. More so during these times when we are living in a virtual world working from homes, the power of hugs can make all the difference.

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