The Secret Recipe to Great Relationships!

The Secret Recipe to Great Relationships!
February 17, 2020 No Comments Blog, Transformation Coaching Neeraj Singhvi

Can Relationships Make or Break You?

In life, there are few things which can really seal your foundation and one of them is RELATIONSHIPS. A bad relationship can affect your surroundings negatively, while a good one can change your surroundings positively. But to really understand what creates a bad or a good relationship one needs to have an inner vision and to reach there you must know who can help.

What are relationships?

Relationships don’t just happen when you fall in love. They happen every time you see a person, meet a person or sometimes it just happens on getting acquainted. Relationships start when you are born like a mother and child. Relationships start when someone dies just out of sympathy and some are born out of love. Relationships develop over time, grow stronger over time and end with time.

What do relationships do?

Relationships create a bond between two or more people. It creates a sense of good feeling between people. It fosters a healthy environment  promoting growth and goodwill between people of different castes, creed, religion or race. A good relationship will create an everlasting bond and a bad one, a quick break. A good one can make you remove stress in life while a bad one can create pain in your life.

Is your life dependent upon them?

Like so many things in life, relationships are an important factor  which determine the quality of life you lead. Like the mother and child relationship, father and child relationship, husband and wife relationship, uncle and aunt relationship, friendly relationships, relationships having enmity, relationships of competition, neighborly relationships, there can be many more which you are knowingly or unknowingly attached with. Each of these relationships have a bearing on you, even though some are close or far away. You just cannot escape them in your life.

Can relationships make or break you life?

Even though some relationships are close and some far away, each one of them has an impact on your life. Each of them has a bearing on your life. These may help you succeed or fail in life. Just look at this simple illustration. You and your neighbor have a very great relationship and help each other in every way possible. By just helping each other, you are living a peaceful and happy life. There are no problems which you cannot solve together. Thus in this, the relationship is creating a successful life for you.

But, then one day,  the neighbor’s mind is polluted by his friend.  The neighbor’s friend tells bad things about you. Over time your neighbor starts to avoid you. You are unable to understand the situation and this gives you more stress everyday. With stress come health problems, uneasiness at work and you loose sleep. Your life starts taking a downward turn. You become cynical of your neighbor and  start avoid him too.

A one time good neighbor is now not in your good books. You want to leave your house and move somewhere else or pray that your neighbor moves out. The events turn dirty and you start shouting at your family and your workers. In the process your happy family life suffers and so does your work.

You can keep imagining how a simple lovely relationship with your neighbor can get distorted and can turn your life upside down. So is with every other relationship. If this same relationship was good, you would have continued to live a successful and happy life.

What can you do to ensure every relationship is good in your life or what can you do to keep a healthy relationship with everyone with encounter?

This is a matter of transforming yourself and every transformation  can be achieved by understanding yourself.

Let us know your story and how your relationships have turned your life happy or unhappy.

If you want to know more about your life and how you can lead a happy life, do write to us and we will be glad to help you.

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