Free Tuition Classes for Science & Math

Free Tuition Classes for Science & Math
January 29, 2019 No Comments Tuition Classes Neeraj Singhvi

Introducing first time ever, 100% *FREE tuition classes for Science and Math Class 9 to 12.

I have been talking to students on why and why not they have to take private tuition and I came to know about their inherent need to excel in their class, in competitive exams as well as stand high within the eyes of their parents and peers, which gears them to take these classes.

But a very strange part of this is the cost at which they are getting the tuition. High costs in tuition charges can be very detrimental to their education as they will not be able to get the required tuition if their parents can’t pay.

With a view to keep the costs low as well as to support the deserving or the needy child we have introduced subject wise 100% FREE tuition classes to the deserving or needy student. So if you are looking at taking Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, Spoken English tuition from classes 9 to 12, be sure to look at this institute as well. We are not expensive, but yet we want to contribute towards society positively.

If you are lucky, you just might be the student who can avail this facility.

We are not here just to earn, we are here to make someone’s life easy as well. We would like your support in this endeavor of ours so that we can provide quality tuition classes to all.

Just register with us with full payment and after full evaluation, the deserving candidate will get a full refund of the charges. The classes are small in size, so be sure that you are there first, because only within the first 15 registrants for each subject, will one FREE tuition be given to the deserving candidate or through a lottery as per management decision.

Register NOW!

*T&C apply.

So, if you have to be eligible to get a full refund, then the total fees need to paid in advance. Monthly payments will not make you eligible for the refund, if any.

Terms an Conditions:
** This is a limited time offer only.
** Only available for batches with minimum 15 students.

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