What are the Best Study Tips Worth Trying?

What are the Best Study Tips Worth Trying?
February 1, 2019 No Comments Blog, Study Tips Neeraj Singhvi

Try these Basic Study Tips:

Studying is an art in itself or else we would find toppers in every student there is. But what is this art. We just need to employ the best study tips so that we can come out with flying colors. Science and Math are mainly subjects which students fret. Sometimes it is the native languages like Hindi which could also seem difficult. The tips mentioned below should help you gain ground in which ever subject you are reading..

Let’s go through some of these study tips so that you can also get on the top easily.

Basics first

Lot’s of students that I have met, just memorize their chapters and go and give the exams. In the process, they are not learning. They are just spewing out something that they have read. Thus whatever they have read will only stay in their mind till the exam and they will not be able to carry it through their life. So, if there is a question which has been twisted, they will not be able to write the right answer, even though they have memorized it.

So it is important that the basics of the subject or the chapter, be learnt well. Once you understand what the chapter is all about, you will enjoy reading it and thereby, will remember what you have read. If you have understood it well it will stay with time immemorial.

Time of Study

Just as it is important to learn the basic, it is very important to choose the right time of study. Few learn well in the morning, while few during the daytime, whereas others in the evening or night. Whatever it is, understand what time of the day suits you best to study so that whatever you read stays with you forever.

Number of Hours

It is not very important that you should put up 8 to 10 hours of study. Quantity is not important. Quality of study is important. If you have read well, then next time you will not have to study the same subject for long hours as you will know the subject already. You just have to revise it. Number of hours is only important when there are lots of chapters to study and understand first time. so to read and understand them will take time, but that is only at the first stage.


How to read and understand the subject. Read the chapter once. Read it again and outline salient points of the chapter. Understand these points and read again and again. After you have understood the points, read the chapter once again. This will help you understand the chapter better.

Speed Reading

Speed reading is a process to read through the chapter fast and yet understand it. So you will need to learn this technique well. We will dwelve upon speed reading in a separately.


These study tips might seem simple, but once you get on to it, it will require ample amount of discipline, time and dedication in the beginning. But once you can achieve this feat, the rest will only be like chicken feed and you will be able to achieve the best results without any problem.

It is only when you make a beginning, will you see a conclusive end.


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