How to Avoid Negative Thoughts While Studying?

How to Avoid Negative Thoughts While Studying?
February 26, 2019 No Comments Blog, Study Tips Neeraj Singhvi

You give one chance to negative thoughts and they will surely occupy your mind like a leech.

So to avoid negative thoughts, we must first understand why negative thoughts occur and then persist while we study.

The main fear is the Fear of Failing.

Fear of failing is the first thought that occurs to all the students. This is unknown, but every student has this fear at the back of his/her mind. Each student sub-consciously thinks about this fear. Even though a student has studied well, the fear is, what if I don’t do well?

The second negative thought that comes to mind is, what if my parents scold me even if I get good marks, but not the best marks? Family pressure is another important aspect of this fear and this helps in attaching negative thoughts in mind.

The third trigger is from friends who are close and also close in competition. What if I am unable to beat my friend? What if my friend does better than me? This fear keeps on driving inside one’s mind again and again everyday.

What triggers these negative thoughts is simply some kind of fear which attaches itself to you since you are unable to let go off these negative impulses.

Why does this fear occur actually?

Not learning Properly:

One of the reasons that this occurs is when we do not learn the subject properly. This triggers the fear of failure, which triggers the negative thoughts.

Not memorizing the subject:

When we are unable to memorize the subjects where it is necessary to do so, like, History, English, Math formula, History etc. and you are not sure what you are going to write in these subjects. negative thoughts crop up.

Then, how to avoid negative thoughts?

If you want to avoid negative thoughts practice these:

  1. When you sit down to study, forget you have friends or family. You are the sole person who can excel and get the marks. So hunt through the chapters to get your prey.
  2. Practice planning in your study schedule. When you are planned you know what to study, when? So plan as per your chapters, subjects and exams.
  3. Time yourself. When you put up a schedule, put a time slot and adhere to it. By doing this you will be limiting your options of getting extra time in a subject. Thus, your mind will focus more to get you still more in a small amount of time.
  4. Create a game with your subject. You must have noticed, a game keeps you hooked on and you will keep on playing it till the game lasts. This way negative thoughts will not disturb you while you study.

Small steps that you inculcate in your daily lives and so in your study habits will keep negative thoughts at bay for you. So get going and let me know your comments.

And at the end, if you want to know something on How to Focus on studies, do read this.

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