Improve Upon Your Study Time to Find Success in Exams

Improve Upon Your Study Time to Find Success in Exams
February 15, 2019 No Comments Blog, Study Tips Neeraj Singhvi

Your study time is crucial – manage it properly!

Often I have found students complaining that they are not able to manage long chapters, thick books and they get mentally drained when they see any such things. An unknown fear dawns upon them to move away from studies..

We all study and we all know, we study for long hours. Isn’t it? But do we really acquire enough knowledge when compared to the amount of time we invest? Well, for most of us the answer would be NO! The reasons are many, but if we are able to sort them out properly, you will know that learning and getting good marks is just a matter of time and effort.

So let us examine the areas which need to be improved upon, for an effective study in lesser number of hours.


Maintaining a regular study time is an important part of learning effectively. Your body has its own biological timing and it is important to understand the same. You must have heard people saying that morning study is the best time of study. Why? Because, during that time the mind is fresh and is capable of taking in more information in a structured manner. For many morning does suit as their bodies get tuned to evening or mid-night timings over time due to their constant use of these timings. So if that is the time which suits your body, then maintain timings during these periods for the best results.


A schedule is nothing but knowing when to study what. It is programming your mind to think only about a particular subject during a particular time. If you have chalked out a schedule to study what and at what time, then you will find your body accepting your method quite easily. Try sticking to the schedule and you will find that the level of concentration will increase dramatically over time.

Subject Basics

It is important that we learn the basics of any topic that we are intending to learn e.g. if we are to learn to calculate the area of a rectangle, we must understand what”a” and “b” mean is the formula (a+b) square. We can learn the formula, but we must know what length and breadth means and then why are we wanting to learn this. Once we know the application of the formula and understand the basics behind it, then using the same in the formula becomes child play. It is similar in all other cases as well. You need to train the mind so that it can interpret complex situations and bring out simple solutions for it.


When you are learning or understanding a long chapter, try making small pointers which can be remembered by the brain much more easily. Once you know the pointers, it is just a matter of elucidating the pointers that you have created and learnt. This is the fast method of learning in the shortest amount of time.


Concentration is an important part of any study. When we study, our thoughts keep wavering and this creates diversions, due to which we are unable to concentrate on any subject. But if you have understood the above points, then you will be able to concentrate in a much better way automatically, as you have already trained you mind to obey you. Concentration is nothing but making your brain obey your wishes and to act in unison with your body.

Many people will tell you to do meditation to concentrate well. Well, although it is the best method, it is not a fast and easy one. The above simple methods will help increase your level of concentration and focus towards your work so that you can attain good results in your exams..

Try these methods and let me know how you fared.

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