Best Methods to Focus on Studies in Class

Best Methods to Focus on Studies in Class
March 5, 2019 No Comments Blog, Study Tips Neeraj Singhvi

Classrooms are grueling, isn’t it? You got so much to study, concentrate on, look at books, teachers to oversee you and likewise. In all these conditions the stress level on the student is quite high. How can the student focus on studies in these circumstances?

Well let’s hit it. A Class, is a Class, is a Class. With over 30 to 40 students in a classroom, you already have a large variety of people in it and the teacher obviously cannot concentrate on each one of them. With so many minds working together, there can be no dearth of knowledge. but in a class, although there are many students, each works individually and therefore, there is no team effort to disperse the knowledge around. When there is individualism, there comes a time when it becomes quite boring, which in turn results in losing interest in what one is doing.

What happens when the mind is suddenly idle and does not know what to do? You lose focus from studies and thus lose out on the points which the teacher is trying to impress upon.

In such circumstances, how do you focus on studies in the class?  When we analyse the causes, we can quickly decipher the solutions. So here’s the 6 point solution to what you can do:

  1. When in class, just concentrate on what the teacher is teaching and keep jotting down notes. This will help you in keeping your mind in one place and on the subject being taught.
  2. Do not allow your friends to disturb you, specially when you are trying to understand a subject.
  3. Do your homework on time. When you tend to forget doing it, your mind is tense and this makes you lose your concentration on the current topics being taught.
  4. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. So try to keep doing something useful on the subject being taught, so that your mind does not get diverted.  For example, you may convert the teacher’s statements into drawings or symbols to keep your thoughts on the subject being taught.
  5. If you ever get diverted from the topic, just shake your head and let your mind come back to the subject. By telling your mind to focus again and again, you will train it to do so.
  6. If you at all feel sleepy, just go and wash your face with water. Come back fresh and focus once again.

These tips might just help you to stay focused on studies in your class.

If you have any other questions on the subjects do write to us.

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